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Inquiry Details

Operations of the Home Building Service

On 27 July 2007 the General Purpose Standing Committee No.2, which is now responsible for the Fair Trading portfolio, resolved to adopt terms of reference identical to the previous inquiry. Please see the Committee's website for details of the new inquiry. This Inquiry was established on 27 September 2006, to inquire into and report on the operations of the Home Building Service of the Office of Fair Trading. On the 15 January 2007, the Legislative Council prorogued until the 8 May 2007. Prorogation is the act of the Governor that brings to an end a session of Parliament and terminates all business before the Parliament, including parliamentary committees. As this prorogation occurred prior to a general election, the Inquiry expired prior to reporting and no further committee work could be undertaken.
This inquiry was self-referred on 27 September 2006.