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Yagu, Gadigal dulumi, Gadi yuwing ngubadi by Konstantina

Yagu, Gadigal dulumi, Gadi yuwing ngubadi by Konstantina



Konstantina (Kate Constantine) is a proud Gadigal woman of the Eora nation and a neo-contemporary Indigenous artist. She is re-imagining the traditions of her peoples’ dot painters and providing a modern narrative for all people to better understand a First Nations perspective as part of the fabric of Australia.

As a descendant of the Gadigal, she is passionate about her language, Culture and histories, much of which have been lost, misplaced or manipulated since the dawn of Colonisation. As such, her practice is heavily interconnected with her Mob and their oral histories and married with her esteemed academic research.

Her artworks are a physical manifestation of these stories and histories, a document in time to reconnect her people to their Country.

In this new exhibition, Yagu, Gadigal dulumi, Gadi yuwing ngubadi​, Konstantina celebrates the enduring presence and rich culture of the Gadigal people. It addresses the losses and manipulations the people have faced while emphasising the strong connection to their language, culture, and histories. 

The artworks serve as tangible manifestations of oral histories and academic research, reconnecting the artist and their community to their rightful Country. The exhibition highlights the Gadigal's graciousness, their welcoming nature towards others, and their resilience despite the challenges posed by colonial occupation, illness, and persecution.

​​Visitors are invited to share in and honor the vibrant, living culture of the Gadigal people.​

How to see the exhibition

Visit the exhibition at NSW Parliament House on weekdays​, 9am to 5pm between 4 July and 1 August 2024. ​ Access is to the left of the building via the security gatehouse. ​