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The Trailblazers Live Event

The Trailblazers Live Event

​Travel back to 1926 to witness the chamber as it was when women first entered politics in New South Wales.

Women had been given the right to represent New South Wales in Parliament only eight years prior and Millicent Preston Stanley, our first female Member, went head to head with her male colleagues on an issue that she staked her political career on. 
How did the parliamentarians of the time deal with the invasion of their chamber by the “weaker sex”? Some called Millicent a ‘battle-axe’, others a ‘she-devil’. Based on historical sources, including Hansard debates, this historic re-enactment depicts a determined woman forging a path into politics in an era when this was not the norm.

When: Friday 15 June 2018 5:00PM - 6:00PM

Free entry • Bookings Essential

Call 02 9230 2047 or email us to secure your place.