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The Spirit of Australia: A time and place, by Tracey Esteves

The Spirit of Australia: A time and place, by Tracey Esteves


In her largest exhibition to date, "The spirit of Australia: A time and place" by renowned Australian Artist Tracey Esteves is a retrospective view of the breath of her artmaking practice. The exhibition is hosted in the Fountain Court exhibition space during October 2020.

Tracey is known for a bold, iconographic style, the element that makes her a distinctly recognisable artist in the Australian contemporary art space.


Hear Tracey discuss her artwork:



Tracey's intention is to capture the viewer by providing them with a sense of familiarity and enchantment. Her artwork references Australian history and iconography, exploring the varying relationships between popular culture and fine art.  

This exhibition highlights her intellectual interest in exploring place, narrative and identity. Her artworks reflect elements of pop art, of post-modern appropriation, of formalism, and an appreciation of texture, line, colour and shape.  

Tracey's works have been published in a virtual exhibition.


Visit the Virtual Exhibition