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The Apotheosis - Phillip George and Margarita Georgiadis

The Apotheosis - Phillip George and Margarita Georgiadis

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The Apotheosis is an exhibition of selected art works from Phillip George and Margarita Georgiadis to commemorate 200 years of Greek independence.  Each artist presents their own interpretation and personal experiences of this important moment in Greece’s history, with artworks taken from George's series "Drawing on Water" and Georgiadis' series "The Dance of Zalongo". 

Curated by the Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales, inspiration for the exhibition's name comes from the Greek work 'apotheoun', which refers to the elevation of someone or something to divine status. As the organisers of the event describe: 

The Greek War of Independence galvanized public sentiment across Europe. However, direct military action by nation states and foreign individuals was initially hesitant – unlike Lord Byron, most Europeans reconciled their Romantic vision of an independent Greece, as a vision best fought for by the Greeks. Yet the vision did inspire a generation of European writers and artists to action. Margarita Georgiadis and Phillip George boldly re-embrace this aesthetic apotheosis. Both use powerfully suspended and submerged criss-crossing fluid elements of place, space, time, introspection and loss, as metaphorical visions of ethereal substance and real time – Georgiadis in oils and George utilizing photo-media.

How to see the exhibition

Owing to the current lockdown, NSW Parliament is currently closed to both staff and visitors. 

While Parliament may be closed, you can view a virtual exhibition of 'The Apotheosis' online for the month of July. 

View the virtual exhibition

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