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Eastwood Chinese Senior Citizens Club - Our Place

Eastwood Chinese Senior Citizens Club - Our Place

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Our Placean exhibition from members of the Eastwood Chinese Senior Citizens Club, is on display in the Fountain Court until Thursday 1 April. A virtual exhibition has also been created on the Parliament's website.


Visit the virtual exhibition

The exhibition explores issues of identity, displacement, change and security. All four artists now live in Sydney, having come to Australia as migrants from very different backgrounds.

Dr Felix Lo is the artist-in-residence, whose journey began at Saint Ignatius' College Riverview under the watchful eyes of his life-long art teacher and mentor, Mr Michael Kristie. Through the lens of a counsellor, Felix's work entitled 'Global Citizens' depicts humans from all walks of life.

My Le Thi migrated to Australia from Central Vietnam in 1985 and uses her work to speak to the differences and similarities between people of different colour, language and culture. She uses colour and script to describe the differences, with symbols such as lotus flowers and painted footwear connecting and expressing our common humanity.

Ann Lin is a self-taught visual artist and writer whose paintings are influenced by a range of things, including street art, contemporary, abstract and experimental art. Ann has an interest in challenging conservative attitudes of contemporary art, with her artwork reflecting both an acceptance and rejection of her interlocking cultural and social identities.

Larisa Klark uses various painting styles on silk and canvas, exploring concepts such as consciousness, as well as the connection of all people across different politics, regimes, race and religion.