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Our Past, Our Future

Our Past, Our Future

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Our Past, Our Future is the first exhibition created by Artist Lua Pellegrini, a young Wiradjuri Woman who grew up on Darug country. Lua is a first year Fine Arts / Commerce Student studying at the University of NSW who is passionate about Aboriginal languages and the importance of storytelling. The exhibition is on display on the Reconciliation Wall in the Fountain Court from Monday 9 November until Friday 18 December 2020, in honour of the NAIDOC Week 2020 theme, Always Was, Always Will Be.

View the virtual exhibition here 

Our Past, Our Future includes Lua's 2019 HSC Major work Our Past, Her Future which explores the intimate relationship between herself, Wiradjuri culture and her niece, who is by kinship obligations, considered her daughter. This work was featured on the cover of the 2020 Catholic Schools guide and showcased in the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery early this year. Since then Lua has begun further developing her artist practice working in a range of mediums including acrylic, gouache, ochre and photography.

Lua's intention is to display an array of works that offers insight into the responsibilities of Aboriginal peoples in terms of communal relationships, as well as the intrinsic connection that Aboriginal peoples share with the land as it is inherently connected to culture. Lua's grandmother and great grandmother were both part of the stolen generations, fuelling her passion for the preservation and protection of Aboriginal Dreamings, histories and experiences as she aims to ensure our past can endure to be appreciated by our future.

You find more information on exhibiting on the Reconciliation Wall here.