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A Little Night Sitting, Culture and the Arts: the Key to a Harmonious Democracy

A Little Night Sitting, Culture and the Arts: the Key to a Harmonious Democracy

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This current year has been declared as the year of Aristotle by UNESCO. It is 2400 years since his birth in Stagira, 384 BC. His philosophy has been integral and far reaching in Western civilization. His work covered branches of philosophy from including Reasoning, Metaphysics, Political-Moral Philosophy, Rhetoric, Poetics and the scientific disciplines of Physics, Biology, Botany, Taxonomy, Mathematics, Astronomy, Psychology, Medicine, Economics, Humanities, Law and Political Science.

Professor Vrasidas Karalis recently stated,

"The study of the human, of the individual, of the humanities, is probably the most important conclusion we can get from Aristotle and he thought it was important for political societies."

The right to vote, the freedom of speech and assembly are the fundamental features we protect of any democracy yet the principal of harmony is rarely considered. Professor Karalis will speak on the role the arts and humanities play in developing and maintaining a harmonious society and democracy.  

Professor Karalis works in the area of Greek Cultural Studies; Byzantine to Modern eras, has published extensively on Byzantine history, Modern Greek political life, European Union and Greece. He also teaches in the areas of Medieval, Film and Comparative Cultural Studies, modern European political philosophy, Martin Heidegger, Hannah Arendt and Cornelius Castoriadis. He has received the Federation Medal and the first prize for literary translation in Greek and is a recipient of grants from Sydney University and the Australia Council for the Arts. Current work focuses on contemporary visual cultures, European integration and the cultural memory of Greek presence in the modern world.

Join us to celebrate 2400 years since the birth of Aristotle, hear Professor Karalis speak on democracy, visit the public galleries of the Legislative Assembly and Council Chambers and meet a member.

Tuesday 13 September
6:00PM - 8:00PM
NSW Parliament House


02 9230 2047 •
NSW Parliament House is located on Macquarie Street, in the Sydney CBD

This event is has been organised in collaboration with the University of Sydney

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