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To make a mark - Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative

To make a mark - Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative

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The Reconcilation Wall in the Fountain Court is proud to host To make a mark, an exhibition of artists from Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Co-operative

On display from Wednesday 7 April until Thursday 20 May, To make a mark showcases the work of Annette Kennedy, Sharon Smith, Joe Hurst, Jude Jarrett, Sooty Welsh, Jai Walker and Luke Close across a variety of mediums, including printmaking, acrylic, woodwork, ceramics and mixed media.

On of the exhibiting artists, Annette Kennedy, discusses the themes behind her artworks: 

'The Goanna features predominantly in Aboriginal Mythology (and or Dreaming stories) and Australian Folklore. Being
predatory lizards, goannas are quite large, or at least bulky, with teeth and claws. In my case the Goanna represents a spiritual significance a sacred symbol that represents my mob within our very large nation.'

How to see the exhibition

Visit the Reconciliation Wall at the Parliament of NSW on weekdays, 9am-5pm. To make a mark is on show from Wednesday 7 April to Thursday 20 May. 

If you can't make it in person, you can view the virtual exhibition featuring photos of the artworks on display.

View the virtual exhibition

Get to know the artists
Meet one of the artists from Boomalli, Joe Hurst, and learn more about his work in the video below.

You can learn more about other Boomalli artists here

Interested in exhibiting at NSW Parliament?
Learn about our exhibition spaces and how to apply to have your works displayed on our information page here