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Gangs in NSW

Gangs in NSW

Advice on legislation or legal policy issues contained in this paper is provided for use in parliamentary debate and for related parliamentary purposes. This paper is not professional legal opinion.
Briefing Paper No. 16/2002 by Raza Lozusic
There has been a periodic focus on the problem of criminal gangs in NSW - particularly “youth gangs”. The issue of “youth gangs” and ethnicity is also historically linked in public debate.

Recent events in NSW in the past few years have heightened the focus on youth gangs and ethnic youth gangs in particular.

Section two deals with the difficult area of concepts and terminology (pp 3-4).

Section three explores the issue of youth gangs - what they are, how and why they form, and public perceptions of them (pp 5-14).

Section five discusses the ethnic gang debate in NSW (pp 17-26).

Sections six and seven outline the various legislative and other initiatives that are targeted at gangs, in particular preventing the formation of youth gangs and the prevention of youth gang criminal activity (pp 27-40).

Section eight is a brief overview of anti-gang initiatives in the US (pp 41-44).