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Committee Details

Joint Select Committee on Tobacco Smoking

The Committee was comprised of members of both houses of the NSW Parliament. It was established by resolution of the Legislative Council on 28 February 2006 and Legislative Assembly on 8 March 2006 to inquire into and report on tobacco smoking in New South Wales. In accordance with these resolutions, the Committee's first meeting took place on 9 March 2006.

Following prorogation of the Parliament on 19 May 2006, the Committee was re-established by resolution of the Legislative Council on 24 May 2006 and the Legislative Assembly on 25 May 2006. As part of these resolutions, the inquiry reporting date was extended to 30 June 2006.
Resolution passed by Legislative Council on 28 February 2006, Minutes 135, Item 42, page 1846 and Legislative Assembly 8 March 2006, Votes and Proceedings No. 168, Item 3, page 1890.