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Inquiry Details

Inquiry into the Protocol for Homeless People in Public Places

The Protocol for Homeless People in Public Places is an important element of the Government’s response to homelessness and has been endorsed by a number of NSW Government organisations supporting homeless people. The Protocol is also used as a reference guide by local councils and the non-government sector.

The inquiry will evaluate how the Protocol is working in practice and the opportunities available to strengthen the current approach, with a particular focus on reducing street sleeping.


Chair: Lindsay, Wendy (LIB, LA Member)
Deputy Chair: Saunders, Dugald (NAT, LA Member)
Members: Clancy, Justin (LIB, LA Member)
Doyle, Trish (ALP, LA Member)
Gibbons, Melanie (LIB, LA Member)
Harris, David (ALP, LA Member)
Leong, Jenny (GRNS, LA Member)