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Inquiry Details

Inquiry into the Protocol for Homeless People in Public Places

The Protocol for Homeless People in Public Places is an important element of the Government’s response to homelessness and has been endorsed by a number of NSW Government organisations supporting homeless people. The Protocol is also used as a reference guide by local councils and the non-government sector.

The inquiry evaluated how the Protocol is working in practice and the opportunities available to strengthen the current approach.

In the video below the Committee Chair, Ms Wendy Lindsay MP, discusses the Committee's inquiry report and its recommendations:

That the Committee inquires into and reports on:  

a)    Whether the Protocol continues to provide an effective framework for government organisations with an operational presence in public places and for services that support people who are experiencing homelessness.  

b)    The extent to which the Protocol is being implemented in practice by government organisations providing direct service delivery, and non-government organisations contracted on behalf of government.  

c)    The appropriateness of the Protocol to support joint responses between government organisations, non-government organisations and local governments working in partnership to respond to homelessness.  

d)    Whether the Protocol adequately protects the rights and interests of people who are experiencing homelessness who use public places, including indigenous people and minority groups.  

e)    Whether the Protocol appropriately balances the rights and interests of people who are experiencing homelessness with those of residents, businesses and other people and organisations using public places.  

f)     Any other related matters.