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Inquiry Details

Workplace Arrangements in the Point to Point Transport Industry

Inquiring into workplace arrangements in the point to point transport industry.

That the Committee inquire into, and report on, workplace arrangements in the point to point transport industry, with particular reference to:

1.     the operation and impact on the point to point transport industry of the relevant provisions of Chapter 6 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996, as well as the operation of any other state or federal laws that may affect driver remuneration and conditions, including the Fair Work Act, the Independent Contractors Act 2006 and the general law of contract;

2.     the effectiveness of the existing arrangements including the impact on:

a.       driver remuneration and conditions;

b.      competitiveness across the industry;

c.       customer service (including fares); and

d.      safety for passengers and drivers;

3.     the uneven application of workplace arrangements across the point to point transport sector and nationally;

4.     the evolution of the industry, which includes national and multinational service providers;

5.     the impact of technology and customer demand on how drivers participate in the industry;

6.     the sustainability of commercial passenger transport and economic productivity;

7.     the intent of the Government’s reforms to minimise the regulatory burden on the point to point industry; and

       8.    any other related matter.

 Terms of Reference