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Inquiry Details

Inquiry into Sportsground Management in NSW

The Legislative Assembly Standing Committee on Public Works is undertaking an inquiry into the availability and core objectives for management of community land designated as sportsgrounds. The aim of the inquiry is to assess current and projected community demand for sportsground facilities and the adequacy of current measures to allow equitable access, to manage environmental pressures and to ensure maintenance and public safety.
This inquiry was self-referred on 7 June 2006.

In particular, the Committee will examine the following factors: 1. Adequacy of provision of quality sportsgrounds to meet community needs across NSW; 2. Cost and revenue arrangements including capital upgrades; 3. Environmental concerns associated with sportsground management; 4. Effectiveness of current administration of sportsgrounds by various providers including councils, state government (including schools) and private operators; 5. Impact on health outcomes and social cohesion, particularly in disadvantaged communities; 6. Traffic, noise and other direct impacts on residential amenity; 7. Affect of litigation and insurance costs on financial viability; and 8. Access to open space for active and passive recreational users.