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Inquiry Details

Driverless Vehicles and Road Safety

The Staysafe Committee conducted an inquiry into driverless vehicles and road safety in NSW. The terms of reference for the inquiry are outlined below.


That the Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety (Staysafe) inquire into and report on driverless vehicle technology in New South Wales with particular reference to:

1.    The capacity of driverless vehicle technology to deliver improved road safety outcomes including a lower road toll, and fewer accidents and injuries to drivers, pedestrians and other road users.


2.     The extent to which current road safety policies and regulations in NSW anticipate the introduction of driverless vehicle technology, including driverless heavy vehicles, and any regulatory and policy changes which will be required.


3.    The preparedness of NSW road safety regulators to meet the challenges extended by driverless vehicle technology.


4.    The experience of other jurisdictions in Australia and overseas in adopting and adapting to driverless vehicle technology.


5.       Other related matters.

 Terms of Reference - Driverless Vehicles and Road Safety in NSW