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Inquiry Details

2014 General Meetings

The General Meetings provide an opportunity for the Committee to review the exercise by oversighted agencies of their legislative functions and to discuss issues of public interest that are relevant to the Committee's functions. The agencies the Committee oversights are as follows: the NSW Ombudsman and Child Death Review Team; the Police Integrity Commission; the Inspector of the Police Integrity Commission; the Information and Privacy Commission; the NSW Crime Commission, including the Commission's Management Committee; the Inspector of the Crime Commission; and the Inspector of Custodial Services.
This inquiry was self-referred on 17 February 2014.

The functions of the Joint Committee include the review of each annual report furnished to the Parliament by the agencies oversighted by the Committee. The specific functions are set out in section 31B of the Ombudsman Act, section 95 of the Police Integrity Commission Act, section 44 of the Government Information (Information Commissioner) Act, section 44A of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act, section 71 of the Crime Commission Act and section 17 of the Inspector of Custodial Services Act. Section 34J(1) of the Community Services (Complaints, Reviews and Monitoring) Act is also relevant to the work of the Committee.