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NSW Legislative Council Elections 1999

NSW Legislative Council Elections 1999

Advice on legislation or legal policy issues contained in this paper is provided for use in parliamentary debate and for related parliamentary purposes. This paper is not professional legal opinion.
Background Paper No. 02/2000 by Antony green

This paper contains a summary of results for the 1999 election of 21 members to the New South Wales Legislative Council. The 1999 election will long be remembered for the imposing size of its ballot paper, with 264 candidates in 81 groups distributed across three rows on a ballot paper approximately one metre across by 70 centimetres down.

The number of candidates and the complexity of the count (conducted for the first time in New South Wales by computer) has meant that it is difficult to obtain copies of the detailed count by electorate, or the complete distribution of preferences. This publication, prepared by extracting information on counts from disks supplied by the State Electoral Office, should provide most of this hard to obtain information.

The publication is broken into four sections.

Section 1 contains the overall statewide count, summaries of the distribution of preferences, and details of the final composition of the quota for elected candidates.

Section 2 lists the Legislative Council result for each Legislative Assembly electorate, and also provides a summary of vote by region. For ease of understanding, parties have been listed in order of statewide vote.

Section 3 provides more details for each party group on the ballot paper, with ordered tables showing the vote received by a party group in each electorate.

Section 4 consists of summary tables comparing the vote for selected parties in the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council.

While all calculations and analysis of preference flows are based on the results provided by the Electoral Office, their accuracy is entirely the responsibility of the author.