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2003 New South Wales Election - Preliminary Analysis

2003 New South Wales Election - Preliminary Analysis

Advice on legislation or legal policy issues contained in this paper is provided for use in parliamentary debate and for related parliamentary purposes. This paper is not professional legal opinion.
Briefing Paper No. 04/2003 by Antony Green
This paper has been prepared as a preliminary analysis of the results of the 2003 New South Wales election. It contains details of voting for all Legislative Assembly districts, excluding Londonderry, where a supplementary election will be conducted on 31 May following the death of the sitting MP and Labor candidate Mr Jim Anderson. The paper also includes details of the primary votes for the Legislative Council.

A final version of this paper will be prepared after the Londonderry poll when more information on two-party preferred votes and distribution of preferences in both houses becomes available.

All results are based on preliminary details made available by the NSW State Electoral Office. However, responsibility for all calculations and omissions is taken by the author. Note that due to rounding errors, some tables do not add to exactly 100%.

My thanks to the NSW Electoral Commissioner, Mr John Wasson, for all his assistance in providing the results of the state election. My particular thanks go to Ms Monica Floyd and Mr Terry Jessop of the State Electoral Office, and Mr Ian Brightwell of Hansen Technologies for their assistance in providing election results in computer readable format.

The Author
Antony Green is an Election Analyst with ABC Television, and has worked for the ABC on every federal, state and territory election coverage since 1989. He also writes regularly on electoral matters for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Antony studied at Sydney University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and computing, and a Bachelor of Economics with Honours in politics. Antony has prepared many publications for the Parliamentary Library on different aspects of New South Wales electoral politics.