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Celebrating Women in Parliament

Celebrating Women in Parliament

This time one hundred years ago, women in NSW were on the precipice of gaining the right to enter the legal profession and sit in their state Parliament.

In 1918 the Women's Legal Status Act  was passed, securing the right for women to be elected as members of the Legislative Assembly and be admitted to practice law in NSW. This June, Australia's oldest Parliament honours the women that paved the way for generations to come.

The first female Premier, Speaker, Attorney-General, Member, Minister, Clerk and more are featured in this display to celebrate 100 years of progress. The iconic suffragette green and purple have been used to illuminate the building after dark.

The lighting display will be complemented by a historic re-enactment of the first female MP, Millicent Preston Stanley, and her impassioned campaign in the Legislative Assembly for mother's custody rights. Secure your spot for the June 15th 5-6pm event here.  

CityStagingLogo.pngLighting sponsored by: City Staging

A full list of women included in the display is available here.