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9646 - Education and Early Learning - PERMANENT TEACHING POSITIONS BY SCHOOL

Houssos, Courtney to the Minister for Education and Early Learning

(1) How many permanent teaching positions were vacant in each New South Wales Public school at the start of Term 4, 2022, broken down by school?

Answer -

A breakdown of vacant teaching position FTE as at 10 October 2022 by school is provided in the attached spreadsheet. Schools with zero vacancies are not included on this list.

The number of permanent vacancies fluctuates throughout the year for a range of reasons, but most position movement occurs towards the end of the year. Vacancies include positions that are under recruitment for commencement in 2023, and are filled by existing permanent teachers or temporary staff while recruitment takes place.
Attachments -

Question asked on 13 October 2022 (session 57-1) and published in Questions & Answers Paper No. 846
Answer received on 3 November 2022 and published in Questions & Answers Paper No. 861