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9618 - Environment and Heritage - NSW CLEAN AIR STRATEGY

Higginson, Sue to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Minister for the Arts, Minister for Regional Youth, and Minister for Tourism representing the Minister for Environment and Heritage

(1) How many submissions were received for the NSW Clean Air Strategy Consultation?

(2) Of the submissions received, how many called for:

(a) Weaker regulations on wood heater pollution than those in the NSW Clean Air Strategy 2021-30?

(b) The current wood heater regulations to be kept?

(c) Stricter proposals to reduce wood heater pollution than found in the NSW Clean Air Strategy 2021-30?

(3) Of the stricter proposals of (2)(c), how many of them called for:

(a) Wood heaters to be removed when houses are sold?

(b) A stricter emissions limit than the current limit of 1.5g/kg?

(c) An obligation to consult neighbours before installing new wood heaters?

(d) Improved procedures for dealing with complaints about wood heater pollution?

(e) Any other additional measures to reduce wood heater pollution?

(i) What additional measures were called for?

Answer -

(1) 282.


(a) None.

(b) None.

(c) There were 71 submissions calling for regulatory actions to reduce or manage wood heater pollution in response to consultation on the draft NSW Clean Air Strategy 2021-30.


(a) 20.

(b) Two.

(c) None.

(d) None.

(e) 67.

(i) The following measures were called for:

 Banning and phasing out of wood heaters. The details of the submissions varied including in respect of the timing and areas covered.

 Removing all open fireplaces.

 Prohibiting the sale and installation of second-hand non­compliant wood heaters.

 Wood smoke to be declared a public health risk in the Public Health Act.

 Health warnings and information on wood heating products to be provided at point of sale.

 Tightening approval of wood heaters.

 Licensing wood heaters, including an annual fee.

 A pollution levy on wood burning devices.

 Tightening maintenance and operation of wood heaters, including continuous monitoring of flue emissions and removal of wood heater if emission standards breached.

 Additional powers for local council regulation, including increasing council powers to manage repeat offenders.

 Obligating councils to perform their enforcement duties.

Question asked on 6 October 2022 (session 57-1) and published in Questions & Answers Paper No. 841
Answer received on 24 October 2022 and published in Questions & Answers Paper No. 853