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1537 - Roads, Maritime and Freight - MALDON TO DOMBARTON RAIL LINE


Faruqi, Mehreen to the Minister for Primary Industries, Minister for Regional Water, Minister for Trade and Industry representing the Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight
  1. What is the date of the latest business case for the Maldon to Dombarton Rail Line?
  2. In relation to the comments made by the Minister that the rail line 'would not justify its costs' in the article 'Calls to finish semi-completed Maldon to Dombarton rail line to ease commuter crush' which appeared on on 10 April 2017, were these comments based on the findings of the latest business case?
    1. If not, what is the date of the business case the Minister was referring to?
Answer -

I am advised:

  1. June 2014.
  2. The comments relate to Infrastructure Australia's evaluation of the business case released in February 2017 which noted that "the project would not justify its costs and would impose a net cost on the Australian economy".
Question asked on 9 May 2017 (session 56-1) and published in Questions & Answers Paper No. 105
Answer received on 13 June 2017 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 114