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About House Papers

About House Papers

Official business papers of the House:

  • Notice Paper – a list of motions and bills to be considered by the House, including matters which members intend to raise (notices of motions) and which are already under consideration (orders of the day). 

  • Daily Program –  explains how the House orders business according to its schedule or 'sitting pattern'.

  • Minutes – the official record of proceedings of the Legislative Council. The Minutes record what motions were moved, the progress of bills, and how members voted in divisions.

  • Hansard – a record of what was said in the House. It is not a verbatim record, as repetitions and redundancies may be omitted and obvious mistakes corrected.

  • Questions on Notice – contains written questions to Ministers and the answers given. A Questions and Answers Paper is published each sitting day. On the first sitting day each week, the paper includes all outstanding questions and answers received. On each other sitting day only new questions and answers received are published.

  • Disallowable Instruments​ - a list of recently proclaimed regulations and other statutory instruments that the House may disallow.

The Legislative Council also publishes the Running Record which is a real-time record of proceedings of the Legislative Council. It is updated during the course of the sitting day and shows the progress of legislation, results of motions and other business conducted. The Running Record also contains useful links to bills, tabled papers and notices of motions given that day. The Running Record is a guide only and is not the official record of proceedings.

House business papers contact details
Phone: 9230 2431 
Fax: 9230 2876 
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