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<b>LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL</b> - Signing ePetition

LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL - Signing ePetition - Re-open Mt Warning

To sign the ePetition, confirm you are a resident of New South Wales and enter your title, first name and last name. Once you click ‘submit’ you will have signed the ePetition and will be re-directed to the Legislative Council’s ‘ePetitions open for signature’ page.

Re-open Mt Warning

Petitioner: Mr Marc Hendrickx | Member: Ruddick, John | No. of Signatories: 10,803 | Date closes: 02/05/2024 | Status: Open
To the President and Members of the Legislative Council, the petitioners of New South Wales state that Mt Warning, which has been walked by visitors young and old for generations, has been closed to all but select indigenous males by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, in violation of liberal democratic principles. The petitioners request that the House call upon the Minister for the Environment to reopen Mt Warning's summit track so it can be enjoyed by all, regardless of race or gender.

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