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Ward, Gareth to the Minister for Regional Transport and Roads

With respect to taxi services based out of Kiama and servicing the region:

(1) Do you have plans to immediately introduce a six-month subsidised taxi service in Kiama following the earlier closure of such services?

(a) If not, why not?

(2) Noting the Illawarra-Shoalhaven Strategic Regional Integrated Transport Plans (SRITPs) was scheduled to commence mid 2024, has this commenced and where can the community find information and updates on this?

(3) Is the August 2021 Illawarra-Shoalhaven SRITP to be updated as part of this project?

(4) Will you consider providing a community transport (such as a small bus) service for the Kiama community so the public, including the elderly and disabled, does not have to rely on Blue Haven Community Transport?

(a) If not, why not?

(5) Since coming to Government, what investments in public transport have you made in the Kiama Electorate?

Answer -

I am advised

(1) A series of Roundtables are being held to seek feedback on ways to improve the availability of wheelchair accessible services, while ensuring these services are safe and affordable for passengers who need them and are economically viable for service providers and drivers. To date, three Roundtables have been held in Sydney, Wagga Wagga and Ballina. A fourth Roundtable is being planned to be held in Orange on 2 July 2024. The Roundtables bring together people with disability, local disability and community stakeholders, community transport, local representatives from the Point to Point Industry and government agencies. Submissions are also welcomed from those who cannot attend. The outcomes from these Roundtables, will be collated into a single report and provided to Government for consideration regarding next steps. Transport for NSW and the Point to Point Transport Commissioner are continuing to work with industry, people with disability and disability groups to look at ways to support the availability of safe wheelchair accessible services.

(2 - 3) Work on the lllawarra-Shoalhaven Strategic Regional Integrated Transport Plan will commence in Quarter 2 of 2024. Early engagement with targeted stakeholders is expected to occur from July 2024 to inform the development of a draft plan ahead of public exhibition. A draft lllawarra-Shoalhaven Strategic Regional Integrated Transport Plan is expected to be available for public exhibition in 2025. Following public exhibition, Transport for NSW will refine the draft to reflect feedback from the community and key stakeholders.

Transport for NSW is committed to meaningful engagement with the people, passengers and the communities it serves. In addition to public exhibition, the community can visit Strategic Regional Integrated Transport Plans | Have Your Say ( to provide feedback on current transport issues, offer ideas and suggestions on transport solutions, or simply stay informed on any updates. The community is able to use an interactive map to share thoughts about specific issues in the region or upload a written submission for Transport for NSW's planners to consider.

The lllawarra-Shoalhaven Strategic Regional Integrated Transport Plan will align with the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure's lllawarra-Shoalhaven Regional Plan 2041 to efficiently respond to anticipated changes in land use, demographics and travel demand across the lllawarra-Shoalhaven.

(4) The NSW Bus Industry Taskforce second report Recommendation 6 is for Transport for NSW to develop a State-wide Medium Term Bus Plan, outlining the medium term priorities and pipeline for investment for bus services. Transport for NSW is analysing the way people move around the region and use the current network, while identifying changes in land use and growth, as well as working with a range of stakeholders to best identify travel need and purpose. Work is underway and all community feedback will be taken into account.

(5) Future rail timetables are being developed that integrate the Mariyung fleet into the Intercity rail network. Investment for increased operating costs has been provided to enable improved service levels across all electric Intercity corridors. The NSW Government has allocated $10 million to develop an lllawarra Rail Resilience Plan for the South Coast Line following the closure of passenger and freight services at multiple locations during extreme weather events in 2022 and 2023. The lllawarra Rail Resilience Plan will examine all infrastructure along the South Coast Line and determine options to improve, upgrade, and rebuild sections of the line to enhance the resilience of freight and passenger connections along the entire South Coast Line, including freight links to Port Kembla and the Southern Highlands.

Question asked on 16 May 2024 (session 58-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 55
Answer received on 20 June 2024 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 61