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Ward, Gareth to the Minister for Small Business, Minister for Lands and Property, Minister for Multiculturalism, and Minister for Sport

(1) With respect to the Small Business Bureau and Small Business Charter that you have announced:

(a) When will the Small Business Bureau be operational?

(b) What is the budget for the Small Business Bureau?

(c) Where will the bureau be located?

(d) What services will be provided by the bureau?

(e) How will small businesses be able to access the bureau’s services?

(i) Will access be available on weekends?

(f) How many full time employees will be employed by the bureau?

(g) What targets for staff and recruitment will the bureau have?

(i) Does this include the recruitment of people with small business experience?

(h) Will the bureau be undertaking small business outreach work?

(i) If yes, how will this work and how will this outreach be communicated?

  (i) Will the bureau have key performance indicators (KPIs)?

(i) If yes, will these KPIs and their results be made public?

(ii) If not, why not?

(j) When will the small business charter be made public?

(k) What consultation have you undertaken on the charter and its contents?

(l) Will the charter be a code or a set or rights?

(m) Will the charter be legislated, introduced by regulation or is it a Government statement of intent?

(n) Does the Government plan to have an annual review of the success of the charter?

(o) Will the charter have key performance indictors?

(p) Will the charter include the promotion of voting in local Government elections by eligible small businesses?

Answer -

I am advised the Service NSW Business Bureau has been announced by Government.

The Service NSW Business Bureau will give small business owners a seat at the table with a commitment to tackling unproductive red tape, helping businesses navigate government and boosting growth opportunities.

The NSW Government also announced the Service NSW Business Bureau App. The app will provide businesses with support on their mobile, including a new range of features, such as:

  • Tracking and saving all licences associated to their business and employees in one place,
  • Booking expert advisers based on their unique business needs,
  • Viewing voucher payment summaries, transaction reports and bank details

Members of the public will be able to access the services of the Business Bureau in Service NSW Centres, online and via the app.

An announcement on the Small Business Charter is expected to be made by the end of 2023.

To inform the Small Business Charter the NSW Department of Customer Service, with Service NSW for Business, are consulting small business peak bodies and stakeholders, and NSW Government agencies.

Consultation is underway with key stakeholders, including agencies and business associations, to ensure the Small Business Charter establishes a common agreed framework for engagement.

Performance reporting and whole of government metrics are part of the discussions currently being held with the small business sector on the Small Business Charter.

Question asked on 21 September 2023 (session 58-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 28
Answer received on 26 October 2023 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 35