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Ward, Gareth to the Premier

With respect to your Parliamentary Secretaries:

(1) Can the Premier please provide a list of Parliamentary Secretaries with the responsibilities they have been allocated under their respective portfolio?

(2) Has the Premier issued charter letters to Parliamentary Secretaries?

(a) If yes, can you provide a copy of each Charter Letter?

(b) If not, why not?

(3) Do you expect all your Parliamentary Secretaries to abide by the Ministerial Code of Conduct?

(a) If not, why not?


Answer -

I appointed 13 Parliamentary Secretaries pursuant to Part 4A of the Constitution Act 1902. I am advised a list is available on the NSW Government website.

A Parliamentary Secretary shall have and may perform such functions as the Premier may, from time to time, determine in respect of him or her, pursuant to s 10 38C of the Constitution Act 1902.

The general duties of a Parliamentary Secretary are outlined in the Ministers' Office Handbook

Question asked on 20 June 2023 (session 58-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 10
Answer received on 25 July 2023 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 16