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Butler, Roy to the Minister for Water, Property and Housing

Will the Government consider funding the installation of air conditioning in all social housing in the community of Wilcannia?

Answer -

Many social housing properties in Wilcannia currently have air conditioning. The Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) rolled out an air conditioning (AC) program to AHO owned homes in the hottest parts of NSW in 2017, which included Wilcannia. During this program, energy efficient air conditioners were installed in properties that did not have cooling.

A number of AHO homes in Wilcannia had existing Evaporative cooling systems which were left in place if they were in good working order.

Wilcannia Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) own 64 properties in the town. All the properties have cooling through Evaporative cooler units.

I am advised that Wilcannia LALC are currently looking to install air conditioning systems and solar PV on their homes and are currently seeking funding through the Regional Aboriginal Housing Leadership Assembly (RAHLA).

Question asked on 16 June 2020 (session 57-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 66
Answer received on 21 July 2020 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 70