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Greenwich, Alex to the Premier
  1. What data does the Government have about human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced labour, debt bondage and forced marriage in New South Wales?
    1. Considering that the Modern Slavery Act was passed on 2018 but is still not in force, what steps has the Government taken to prevent this occurring?
      1. What has prevented the Government from bringing this legislation into force?
  2. What action has the Government taken to assess and prevent modern slavery in Government procurement?
    1. How has the Government reported on its progress?
  3. What action has been taken to:
    1. Proclaim regulations necessary to implement the Modern Slavery Act?
    2. Establish an agency, staffing and administration systems to collect data, monitor and enforce the Act?
  4. Is the Government committed to the earliest implementation of the the Modern Slavery Act?
    1. When is this expected?
Answer -

The Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues (the Committee) has concluded an inquiry into the Modern Slavery Act 2018 and tabled its report on 25 March 2020.

The Government is considering the Committee's recommendations.

I understand the NSW Procurement Board's (the Board) Supplier Code of Conduct (the Code) establishes the ethical standards and behaviours that suppliers to the Government are expected to meet. We expect our suppliers to provide a fair and ethical workplace free from workplace bullying, harassment, victimisation and abuse. Our suppliers are also expected to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that businesses within their supply chain are not engaged in, or complicit with, human rights abuses such as forced or child labour. The Board has directed agencies to require compliance with the Code through their tendering processes and to report adverse findings against a supplier when they become known.

Further, the Government is working closely with the Commonwealth Government on this issue. I understand that between 2013 and 2019, the Australian Federal Police investigated 369 cases of slavery and slavery-like offences in New South Wales. These have included offences of forced marriage, sexual servitude, labour exploitation and human trafficking.

Question asked on 4 June 2020 (session 57-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 65
Answer received on 9 July 2020 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 69