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Greenwich, Alex to the Deputy Premier, Minister for Justice and Police, Minister for the Arts, and Minister for Racing
  1. What commitment will the Government make to retaining existing programs, courses and teachers currently provided by the Sydney College of the Arts and the University of NSW Art and Design school following the amalgamation?

  2. What assessment will be made and consultation with students, alumni and teachers of the National Art School before a decision is made on its future?

  3. What commitment will the Government make to retaining the National Art School's unique atelier⁄studio-based approach and how will this be achieved?

  4. How will the Government address concerns that merging the schools will result in a loss of different educational approaches, styles and practices and as a result reduce needed diversity in future graduates?

Answer -

Questions relating to the operations of the University of Sydney and the University of NSW, including students, alumni and staff, are a matter for the respective universities.

The NSW Government has been involved in discussions between the National Art School (NAS) and the University of NSW to support the vision of developing a centre of artistic excellence for NSW. Conversations are ongoing and no decision has been made regarding future arrangements. The NSW Government will continue to work closely with NAS as discussions move forward.

Question asked on 23 June 2016 (session 56-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 75
Answer received on 27 July 2016 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 76