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2625 - NEW M5 AND M4 EAST

Leong, Jenny to the Minister for Planning
  1. Can the Minister explain how Roads and Maritime Services plan to address the fact that WestConnex Environmental Impact Statement documents for the New M5 and M4 East indicate that there will be a significant increase in local trip generation which needs to be 'accommodated in the network'?
  2. How does the Minister justify approving the M4 East considering the lack of any detailed analysis of the impact on local roads outside the WestConnex scope of works?
  3. Can the Minister confirm that the traffic modelling for the M4 East is accurate considering that the company responsible for this modelling, AECOM, has publicly stated it will no longer provide traffic modelling given the lawsuits against it regarding the highly inaccurate modelling done for the Brisbane Clem7 tunnel?
  4. Have the Minister and the Department of Planning properly accounted for the severe and lasting impact that the construction and operations of the M4 East will have on local communities and schools, childcare centres and sports fields which are adjacent to the route?
Answer -
  1. This question should be referred the Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, being the Minister responsible for Roads and Maritime Services.
  2. The EIS for the M4 East included a detailed traffic and transport assessment which included an assessment of traffic impacts on local roads and intersections that are in proximity to the tunnel interchanges. The Secretary's Environmental Assessment Report from the Department of Planning and Environment considered local traffic impacts. Conditions of the consent are also directed toward local traffic impacts.
  3. The Department of Planning and Environment reviewed the traffic predictions in making its recommendation on the project. The conditions of approval include a series of requirements to manage traffic once the tunnels commence operation. The approval requires implementation of a Road Network Performance Review Plan to protect local amenity and access.
  4. The Department of Planning and Environment's assessment of the project included a detailed consideration of social impacts. The conditions of approval protect local amenity, and require the project to provide a net increase in trees, and in comparable and functional open space. In addition, a Community and Social Management Plan must be prepared in consultation with the relevant council and communities, that sets outs initiatives to enhance open space and accessibility of the public realm, and provide support to local community groups and community initiatives. Noise, traffic, air, and flora and fauna impacts will be controlled in accordance with detailed construction and operational environmental management plans.
Question asked on 10 March 2016 (session 56-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 56
Answer received on 13 April 2016 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 64