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Leong, Jenny to the Minister for Health
  1. Did the Minister or the Department of Health have any input into the Updated WestConnex Business Case, the WestConnex M4 East EIS or the New M5 EIS documents?
  2. Is the Minister concerned that the WestConnex air quality modelling for PM2.5s in the M4 East EIS, show that the air quality at 31 sites modelled across the M4 East area will greatly exceed the proposed national standard of 8 microns per cubic metre of air by 2021 and that the route and unfiltered stacks are in close proximity to local schools, child care centres and sports fields?
  3. Is the Minister concerned that this WestConnex air quality modelling also shows the air quality for a large section of Sydney including Haberfield, Five Dock, Ashfield, Burwood, Strathfield, Concord, Canada Bay, Homebush and Flemington, home to tens of thousands of residents, will be about 25 percent worse in the next six years than the target air quality standard for these dangerous pollutants?
  4. Is the Minister aware that the methodology that WestConnex adopted does not satisfy all of the requirements of Approved Methods for the Modelling and Assessment of Air Pollutants in New South Wales, and the M4 East EIS does not confirm that the NSW EPA has approved the modelling methodology that has been adopted?
  5. Does the Minister believe that unfiltered ventilation exhaust stacks located less than 500 metres from public schools, childcare centres and nursing homes in the west, south west and inner west suburbs on the WestConnex route is safe for these communities?
Answer -

The Chief Health Officer's detailed review of the M4 East Environmental Impact Statement was submitted to NSW Department of Planning and Environment and can be found on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website at

NSW Health will continue to provide advice on WestConnex Environmental Impact Statements as they are made available, to ensure health risks are considered.

Question asked on 18 February 2016 (session 56-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 50
Answer received on 24 March 2016 and to be printed in a Questions & Answers Paper on 24 March 2016