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Ward, Gareth to the Minister for Regional Transport and Roads

With respect to your answer to Question 131:

(1) Have you asked your department for a copy of the reclassification report?

(2) Will you release the advice from your department to confirm that you cannot access the reclassification report?

(3) Was the reclassification report a cabinet document?

(a) If not, why is it being withheld from the public?

(4) Did the former Minister intend to make the report public?

(5) If you cannot access the report, will you ask for a new report?

(6) What are your plans, if any, to transfer local and regional roads to the NSW road network and what funding will be provided?

(7) Will Transport for NSW make a submission to NSW Treasury seeking a budget allocation to support the transfer of local and regional roads to the State Road network?

(8) Will you meet with me and the Mayor of Kiama to discuss the transfer of Jamberoo Mountain Road to the NSW Roads network?

(9) What are the community concerns about the safety of Jamberoo Mountain Road and the need to ensure ongoing maintenance by the State?

Answer -

I am advised

The final report was provided to the previous NSW Government on 8 November 2022. The former Premier has given permission for the final report to be provided to the NSW Government.

The NSW Government will invest in road repairs that are urgently needed across our regions. A new, two-year Regional Emergency Road Repair Fund will be created - a $670 million fund to ensure the roads people rely on every single day across Regional NSW are up to scratch.

The NSW Government is working on the framework for this grant funding with details to be provided to councils in the coming months.

The NSW Government will provide an additional investment of $390 million over the next two years and continue the existing $280 million Regional and Local Roads Repair Program to ensure there is enough funding and capacity available to continue the vital work of repairing our regional roads.

The existing $193 million NSW Budget funding for the road reclassification program and an additional $197 million – will be allocated to the new Regional Emergency Road Repair Fund.

This investment will more than double the available funding for regional communities compared to the previous road reclassification program. 

Transport for NSW is aware of some concerns from community about the length of time taken to repair and re-open Jamberoo Mountain Road. Concerns have been raised about the closure of Jamberoo Mountain Road in correspondence received by Transport for NSW. Matters include the lack of alternative routes for residents and the community during closures of Macquarie Pass for maintenance work.

Question asked on 22 June 2023 (session 58-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 12
Answer received on 27 July 2023 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 16