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Haylen, Jo to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services
  1. In regards to the trial of on-the-spot fines for drug possession held over the 2019 Australia Day weekend at Electric Gardens at Centennial Park, Hardcore Til I Die and Rolling Out Loud at Sydney Showgrounds:
    1. How many police officers were directly involved in the trial at each festival?
    2. How many infringement notices were issued at each festival?
    3. What was the total cost of the trial over the weekend?
    4. What was the total amount of revenue raised through the infringements issued through the duration of the trial?
    5. What options were made available to those issued with a fine who could not afford to pay the fine?
      1. How many people have taken up these options?
    6. What evaluation has been undertaken in regards to the trial?
    7. Under what conditions will the trial be made permanent?
    8. When will a decision be made as to whether the trial will be made permanent?
Answer -

I am advised:

The following information is from the COPS database as at 28 June 2019:

Festival (a) Number of Officers (b) Number of Infringements
Electric Gardens 98 28
Hardcore Til I Die 117 5
Rolling Our Loud 138 10

(c) The NSW Police Force did not incur any additional specific costs as a result of the trial.

(d) This question should be addressed to the Minister for Finance and Small Business.

(e) Information about fines are available at

(f) to (h) It is more appropriate that these questions be addressed by the Attorney General.

Question asked on 19 June 2019 (session 57-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 11
Answer received on 23 July 2019 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 14