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Question and Answer Tracking Details


Parker, Jamie to the Minister for Transport
  1. Does the City of Edinburgh Council have a GPS tracking system in place providing access to real time bus information in and around Edinburgh?
  2. Are GPS tracking devices installed on the Sydney metro bus fleet?
  3. If GPS tracking is not available, has consideration been given to installing GPS tracking on buses?
  4. If GPS tracking is available:
    1. How is this data collected?
    2. Is the GPS data publicly available?
    3. Has the Government considered making this data available to the public to allow users to track arrival times for buses?
    4. How is the data being used?
  5. Has the Government considered making real time arrival information available at bus stops?
Answer -

I am advised:

  1. Yes, on a small number of buses belonging to a single operator.
  2. GPS tracking devices have been installed on over 2,800 buses in Sydney and Newcastle.
  3. PTIPS is being expanded to remaining metropolitan and outer metropolitan private buses in co-ordination with the roll-out of the Opal electronic ticketing system.
  4. (a) PTIPS equipped buses send data, including present location coordinates collected from an on-board GPS device, back to a central PTIPS server.
    (b) Data is currently available to customers using State Transit Authority buses through an SMS service. There are also passenger information displays at 11 bus stops providing real time bus arrival information to customers. 
    (c) Customers already have access to this data by sending a text to 0488 TXT BUS. In return, they receive a text with real-time information about next bus arrival times for State Transit Authority buses. The service replies to over 140,000 SMS requests per week.
    (d) PTIPS is used to provide late running buses with priority at traffic signals where appropriate, bus service data to operators and Transport for NSW, and real time bus arrival information for customers.
  5. Real time information through passenger information displays at 11 bus stops on Sydney's northern beaches is being trialled.

Question asked on 8 May 2012 (session 55-1) and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 87
Answer received on 31 May 2012 and printed in Questions & Answers Paper No. 95