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Standing Order Details

S.O.111 Motions of no confidence in Government

No confidence in Government

111. The procedure for motions of no confidence in the Government pursuant to section 24B(2) of the Constitution Act 1902 is as follows:
      1. A notice of motion must be given at the time for giving notices for business with precedence.
      2. The motion shall take precedence of all other business on a sitting day that is not less than 3 clear days after the notice has been given.
      3. The motion may not be postponed or amended.
      4. The motion may be withdrawn with the leave of the House.
      5. Debate on such motion shall not be adjourned and the sitting of the House shall continue until the question is determined.
      6. The following time limits apply to this debate:
        • Mover - unspecified
        • Party Leader - unspecified
        • Any other Member - 30 minutes
        • Premier in response - 45 minutes
        • Reply - 45 minutes
      7. The following motions cannot be moved:
        • That the Member be now heard.
        • That the Member be not further heard.
        • That the question be not now put (previous question).
      8. The motion "That the question be now put" (closure) cannot be moved until at least 8 Members (inclusive of the mover and Party Leader(s)) have spoken to the original question before the House. The effect of the closure being agreed to does not preclude the response of the Premier.
      9. During the currency of debate the Speaker shall leave the Chair at the time for adjournment each day and the sitting shall resume at 10.00 a.m. on each successive business day until the matter is determined.

amended 3 July 2009