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The Budget

The Budget


The culmination of the Budget process involves an annual appropriation by an act of Parliament of the money needed for Government expenditure in the coming financial year.

In accordance with the NSW Constitution and the Westminster parliamentary system of representative government, this particular legislation must originate in the Legislative Assembly.  Its passage ensures Parliamentary authorisation of the amount of money to be drawn from the Consolidated Fund and the specific purposes for which the funds are to be used.  

The Budget

On Tuesday 18 June 2019, at 12:00 noon, the Treasurer, the Hon. Dominic Perrottet MP, will introduce the Appropriation Bill and various cognate bills, and deliver his 'Budget Speech'.  

Once the speech has concluded the debate will be adjourned by Mr Ryan Park, Acting Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, until Thursday 20 June 2019.  At the conclusion of the Treasurer's second reading speech, the budget papers will be released.


The Budget Papers

The following quick links to our tabled papers database provide you with access to all of the budget papers.

Budget Statement 2019-20

Infrastructure Statement 2019-20

Budget Estimates 2019-20


At 11:00am on Thursday 20 June 2019,  Mr Ryan Park, Acting Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly will give his speech during the second reading debate on the Appropriation Bill 2018 and cognate bills.


After the debate concludes and the Bills have passed all stages in the Assembly they are forwarded to the Legislative Council for consideration.  ​The Treasurer will then move that the House take note of the Budget Estimates and related papers for 2019-20.

Take Note Debate

All Members will then have the opportunity to speak in the subsequent debate on the budget papers.  The scope of the debate may include issues about how the budget might affect a Member's electorate.

Budget Estimates

Once the Budget Estimates and related papers have been tabled by the Treasurer they are referred to the six Legislative Council General Purpose Standing Committees for inquiry and report.  The Budget Estimates process involves the questioning of Ministers and public servants commencing Thursday 29 August 2019.​