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Signing ePetition

Signing ePetition

To sign the ePetition, confirm you are a resident of New South Wales and enter your title, first name and last name. Once you click ‘submit’ you will have signed the ePetition and will be re-directed to the Legislative Assembly’s ‘ePetitions open for signature’ page

#SnipRingsforWildlife - a campaign to help protect wildlife from the risk of entanglement and death.

To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly, this petition brings to the attention of the House the impact of ring-shaped items on native wildlife and the environment. Each year, thousands of native species become entangled, obtain significant injuries, and often die horrific deaths from ring-shaped items such as plastic rings, rubber bands, hair ties, the loops of facemasks, and dome-shaped plastic lids. Platypuses have been found entangled in a rubber band, and birds have caught their head in dome-shaped lids or trapped their feet in the loops of a facemask. These ring-shaped items enter our environment and place wildlife at risk of entanglement and death. #SnipRingsforWildlife aims to raise awareness and encourage individuals to protect Australia’s wildlife by cutting through ring-shaped items before disposing of them. Despite contacting numerous manufacturers, informing them of the danger that ring-shaped items pose to native wildlife, and encouraging them to improve their products, the issue persists. Wildlife-friendly alternatives are available. Jars, bottles, and tetra packs now come with a ring that snaps apart from the lid upon opening or a peel-off seal under the cap. Ideally, we can primarily use milk cartons. We ask the House to implement a ban on ring-shaped items to protect native wildlife from the risk of entanglement and death. In the interim, we ask the House to encourage companies to change their products to a more wildlife-friendly option and encourage the community to snip through ring-shaped items before disposing of them.

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