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<b>LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY</b> - Signing ePetition

LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY - Signing ePetition - Rebuild Kogarah Public School

To sign the ePetition, confirm you are a resident of New South Wales and enter your title, first name and last name. Once you click ‘submit’ you will have signed the ePetition and will be re-directed to the Legislative Assembly’s ‘ePetitions open for signature’ page

Rebuild Kogarah Public School

To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly, the Parents and Citizens Association of Kogarah Public School brings to your attention the urgent situation of our school. Kogarah Public School’s current grounds and buildings are inadequate and must be urgently rebuilt. Our school is running at 150% of its capacity, with no more space for temporary buildings, and enrolments will soon increase dramatically. Based on current enrolment trends, our school will run out of classrooms in 1 or 2 years’ time. Our school has been the victim of poor planning with Georges River Councils’ Kogarah North Precinct – an area of high density, multi storey residential living surrounding our school resulting in privacy concerns, overshadowing and overcrowding. The Kogarah North Precinct is already well underway with 10 storey buildings overshadowing our playground and apartments looking directly into our children’s classrooms, leading us to fear that they will see something inappropriate and distracting them from their learning. Our school does not have a school hall, therefore all assemblies, parent sessions and school activities must be held outside, in view of the apartments. Sunlight and privacy were not protected adequately by the planning requirements. We ask the Legislative Assembly to help us secure a rebuild of Kogarah Public School with allocated funding to: - ensure our children’s privacy and safety, - ensure space for the growth in enrolments in our catchment, - ensure our children have adequate facilities to learn in, including a school hall. Thank you.

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