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<b>LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY</b> - Closed ePetition Details

LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY - Closed ePetition Details

Children with disabilities are made in the image of God. Allowah needs funding certainty as it cares for children with disabilities and complex medical needs.

Petitioner: Mr Matthew Andrews | Member: Lee, Geoff | No. of Signatories: 3,012 | Date closed: 26/11/2021
To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly, We are citizens of NSW who believe everyone is made in the image of God. Including children who live with disabilities and complex medical needs. We are grateful NSW devotes $30,000,000,000 annually to provide healthcare for patients in public hospitals, and for many patients in specialist faith-based hospitals, such as palliative and neonatal care. The only hospital dedicated to the health of children with disabilities in NSW is Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital. It operates on a $5,500,000 budget to employ 150 staff, mostly nurses, as they meet the health of 120 special children. While Allowah is grateful for the adhoc MOU with Sydney Children’s Hospital Network to help fund this healthcare, the nature of the agreement means it provides just $5,000 per year. To keep caring for these children, this level of funding is inadequate. A problem made more urgent by the state’s COVID lockdown. It has forced the hospital to shut down programs, leading to damaging financial loss. We humbly petition the Legislative Assembly to ask Ministers to provide $1.6M in emergency funding and $1.6M in annual block funding to Allowah Presbyterian Children’s Hospital — so it can recover from the setbacks of COVID and continue caring for children with disabilities. We need your support, so that we can continue to support the children of New South Wales.