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<b>LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY</b> - Closed ePetition Details

LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY - Closed ePetition Details

Long Term Solution for Milton Ulladulla Bypass - TAKE IT WEST IS THE BEST!

Petitioner: Mr Ian Carroll | Member: Hancock, Shelley | No. of Signatories: 1,223 | Date closed: 21/12/2020
To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly, The Government preferred option will divide the community of Burrill Lake and not support the communities of Tabourie, Termeil and Bawley Point. We strongly request alternatives be reconsidered. The preferred option is based on an outdated SLEP. Traffic flow data gathered over the summer of 2019-2020 was not typical and therefore this option is seriously flawed. Fires shut down the South Coast! The Government option reduces congestion in Milton and Ulladulla however ignores increased congestion in Burrill Lake and southern communities. Burrill Lake has a population equal to or greater than Milton and in holiday periods the population swells from 2,000 to 12,000. Through traffic must be relocated from local roads to a western alternative for the safety of the community. This would help retain the quality of life and sense of place which has been enjoyed for decades. Cost should not be the determining factor in providing a long-term solution. The accepted long-term solution has and always will be an external bypass to the west of Burrill Lake with an internal bypass around the Milton/Ulladulla CBD’s. The bypass needs to support a transport network delivering a safe and resilient system for all communities to meet current and future needs. The preferred option does not. Government must listen to the community and understand the preferred option will destroy the social fabric of Burrill Lake and not support Tabourie, Termeil or Bawley Point. Our community will resist this bypass option. We the petitioners ask you to please reconsider.