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<b>LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY</b> - Closed ePetition Details

LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY - Closed ePetition Details

No Seawall For Wamberal Beach

Petitioner: Mr Hugh Naven | Member: Tesch, Liesl | No. of Signatories: 2,218 | Date closed: 15/11/2021
To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly, We are concerned that the NSW Government’s handpicked Wamberal Seawall Advisory Taskforce and proposed solutions do not represent the views of the Wamberal, Terrigal and wider community. This handpicked Taskforce has decided the future of our local beaches without a thorough community input from local residents. Phase1 Community Consultation in 2019, which occurred prior to the 2020 Wamberal beach erosion, had limited community input and should not be relied upon to justify seawall options for 2021 Phase 2 Community Consultation. The large costs currently proposed by the NSW Government’s sea wall options (to protect beachfront 71 houses) will have a huge financial implication for Central Coast taxpayers and ratepayers. Ensuring this process investigates all options available will be crucial to giving ratepayers and taxpayers value for money. The current community consultation provides five options but none include a plan for no seawall to protect existing beach amenity. Signatories to this petition are concerned that the five proposed seawall options will be adversely impacted by future erosion and climate change. This petition of concerned citizens calls on the NSW Government to investigate all alternate solutions to ensure ongoing beach amenity, including NO SEA WALL for the future of Wamberal and Terrigal Beach.