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Committee Details

Select Committee upon Public Sector Superannuation Schemes

The Committee operated in a previous Parliament. This page provides information on the inquiry it conducted.



(1) That a Select Committee be established to consider and report upon;

(a) The accuracy of the government costing projections and whether the Government's programme of findings the existing superannuation schemes is adequate to achieve a manageable level of unfunded liabilities and finance current and future benefit payments and in particular the adequacy of the First State Super Scheme.

(b) A comparison of the S.A.S.S. Scheme with all other existing Public Sector Superannuation Schemes;


(2) That the committee consist of Mr Chappell, Mr Kinross, Dr Macdonald, Ms Neilly, Mr Packard and Mr Yeadon;


(3) That not withstanding anything contained in the Standing Orders, Mr Chappell be the Chairman of the Committee.


(4) That as any meeting of the committee any four Members shall constitute a quorum;


(5) That the Committee have leave to sit during the sittings or any adjournment of the House; to adjourn from place to place; to make visits of inspection within New South Wales;


(6) That the Committee report by 22 February, 1993; Amended Entry 31 votes and Proceedings 27 November, 1993 to respect by 31 March, 1993.


(7) That should the House stand adjourned and the Committee agree to any report before the House resumes sitting;

(a) The Committee have leave to send any such report, minutes and evidence taken before it to the Clerk of the House.

(b) The documents shall be printed and published and the Clerk shall forthwith as it necessary to give effect tot he order of the house, and

(c) the documents shall be laid upon the Table of the House at its next sitting.