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Committee Details

Joint Committee of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly upon Pecuniary Interests

The Committee operated in a previous Parliament. This page provides information on the inquiry it conducted.



The Legislative Assembly has this day agreed to the following Resolution:


(1) That a joint committee be set up to inquire into and report whether arrangements should be made relative to the disclosure of members' interests and the registration thereof, and in particular—

(a) what classes of pecuniary interest or other benefit are to be so disclosed;

(b) how the register should be compiled and maintained and what arrangements should be made for public access thereto; and

(c) what classes of person (if any) other than members of Parliament ought to be required to register and to make recommendations upon these and any other matters which are relevant thereto.


(2) That such committee consist of eight members of the Legislative Assembly and three members of the Legislative Council.


(3) That Mr Dowd, Mr Freudenstein, Mr Keane, Mr Kearns, Mr O'Connell, Mr Quinn, Mr Sheahan and Mr Viney be the members of the Legislative Assembly.


(4) That the committee have leave to sit during the sittings or any adjournment of either or both Houses and to make visits of inspection within the State of New South Wales, other States of Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.