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Committee Details

Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly upon Liquor Trading

The Committee operated in a previous Parliament. This page provides information on the inquiry it conducted.



(1) That a Select Committee be appointed to inquire into and report upon


(i) whether the times during which and the conditions under which liquor may be sold, supplied or consumed in accordance with any licence, permit or other authority granted or issued pursuant to the provisions of the Liquor Act, 1912, are significant factors in causing

(a) accidents (both road and industrial);

(b) crime;

(c) divorce and broken homes;

(d) child delinquency and neglect;

(e) alcoholism and physical and mental illness.


(ii) whether having regard to findings under subparagraph (i), and the interest of the community, the times during which, and the conditions under which, liquor may be sold, supplied or consumed under the provisions of the Liquor Act, 1912, should be extended or varied and if so whether changes should be made to the award structure of wages, hours and penalty rates in the liquor industry.


(iii) to make such recommendations as the Committee sees fit.


(2) That such committee consist of Mr Cleary, Mr Degen, Mr Fischer, Mrs Foot, Mr Hunter, Mr Maddison, Mr O'Connell, Mr Quinn and Mr Sheahan.


(3) That the committee have leave to sit during the sittings or any adjournment of the House, to adjourn from place to place, and to make visits of inspections within the State of New South Wales and within the other States and Territories of Australia.