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Committee Details

Select Committee upon Bushfires

The Committee operated in a previous Parliament. This page provides information on the inquiry it conducted.



(1) That a Select Committee be appointed to consider and report upon the recent bushfires with particular regard to the following matters:

  • hazard reduction and other fire prevention measures;

  • reviewing the proposals and findings of the Cabinet Committee established to inquire into the bushfires;
  • reviewing the findings and recommendations of the Ministerial Committee on methods of fire service funding;
  • treatment of victims, including the nature and speed of the provision of assistance and follow up assistance in the medium and long term;
  • compensation for firefighters killed or injured fighting fires;
  • the adequacy of systems for alerting the public of impending fire damage and the level of that danger;
  • the adequacy of equipment available to, and training of, bushfire brigades;
  • the adequacy or otherwise of building regulations currently in operation in New South Wales with particular emphasis on the Australian community bushfire safety standards for houses;
  • the use of Commonwealth resources in the recent fires and in future fires;
  • the role of the New South Wales Fire Brigades in bushfire fighting;
  • the use of aircraft in firefighting;
  • the progress of the joint arson committee; and
  • any other relevant matters arising from evidence taken before the committee.


(2) That the Committee, where possible, shall not duplicate examination of the evidence currently before the Coroner's inquiry.


(3) That the Committee consist of ten members, as follows:

(a) five from the Government;

(b) four from the Opposition; and

(c) one unaligned independent who shall be nominated in writing to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly by the relevant party leaders and the unaligned independents respectively.


(4) That at any meeting of the Committee five members shall constitute a quorum.


(5) That such Committee have leave to sit during the sittings or any adjournment of the House; to adjourn from place to place; have leave to make visits of inspection within New South Wales; have power to take evidence and send for persons and papers; and to report from time to time.


(6) That should the House stand adjourned and the Committee agree to any report before the House resumes sitting:

(a) the Committee have leave to send any such report, minutes and evidence taken before it to the Clerk of the House;

(b) the documents shall be printed and published and the Clerk shall forthwith take such action as is necessary to give effect to the order of the House; and

(c) the documents shall be laid upon the Table of the House at its next sitting.