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Committee Details

Joint Committee of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly upon Public Funding of Election Campaigns

The Committee operated in a previous Parliament. This page provides information on the inquiry it conducted.



(1) That a Joint Committee be appointed to inquire into and make recommendations on the introduction of a system involving public funding of campaigns for elections to the Parliament of New South Wales.


(2) That, in making its recommendations, the Committee shall have regard to:

(a) The manner in which such a system could most equitably divide available public funds between competing parties and individuals;

(b) Whether there should be compulsory disclosure of, and restrictions on, electoral expenditure whether public or private in respect of political parties and candidates;

(c) Whether there should be compulsory disclosure of contributions and gifts to political parties and individuals;

(d) The extent of public commitment suitable for the operation of any such scheme as the Committee might advise be established;

(e) The right of new political parties, small parties, parties of special interests and independent candidates to participate in any scheme of election campaign funding and expenditure; and

(f) Such other matters as the Committee believes relevant to the generality of its task.


(3) That such Committee consist of seven members of the Legislative Assembly and three members of the Legislative Council and that, notwithstanding anything contained in the Standing Orders of either House, at any meeting of the Committee, any five members shall constitute a quorum, provided that the Committee shall meet as a joint committee at all times.


(4) That Mr Anderson, Mr Bruxner, Mr Cavalier, Mr Egan, Mr Fischer, Mr McDonald and Mr Quinn be appointed to serve on such Committee as the members of the Legislative Assembly.


(5) That the Committee have leave to sit during the sittings or any adjournment of either or both Houses, to adjourn from place to place, and to make visits of inspection within the State of New South Wales and within the other States and Territories of Australia.