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Committee Details

Joint Select Committee upon the Sydney Water Board

The Committee operated in a previous Parliament. This page provides information on the inquiry it conducted.



(1) Dr Macdonald moved, pursuant to notice, amended by leave, That, notwithstanding anything contained in the Standing and Sessional Orders of either House, a Joint Select Committee be appointed to inquire into and report on the following terms of reference with regard to the Sydney Water Board:

(a) the operation and effectiveness of the clean waterways program with regard to its objectives;

(b) the credible and independent regulation of water quality and quantity with particular regard for environmental factors;

(c) the recommendations of the Government Pricing Tribunal Inquiry into water pricing;

(d) improvements to accountability and efficiency to the Water Board through changes to institutional arrangements within the Board;

(e) the Water Board's longer term strategies for catchment management and demand management and the impact of the proposed water quality treatment plants;

(f) the current and projected environmental standards for discharge to receiving waters in terms of whether they reflect community needs and with regard to their affordability;

(g) long term strategic planning of Sydney's waste water treatment including urban drainage decentralisation and beneficial re-use;

(h) the existing capital structure and the future capital needs having regard to the impact of the payment of $200 million in dividend payments to consolidated revenue on the Board's capacity to fund capital works and environmental improvements, including the impact of borrowing by the Board in or outside Loan Council guidelines to fund capital works;

(i) an account of expenditure upon the special environmental service charge;

(j) the use of consultants, professional services and contractors by the Board as defined by the Office of Public Management; and

(k) any matters relating to or arising out of the above terms of reference.


(2) That the committee shall consist of ten members of the joint Houses, being:

five from the Government, (three Legislative Assembly members and two Legislative Council members);

three from the Opposition (two Legislative Assembly members and one Legislative Council member); one from the Australian Democrats;

who shall be nominated in writing to the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly by relevant Party Leaders; and Dr Macdonald.


(3) That the Chairman of the committee be Dr Macdonald who shall have both a deliberative and casting vote.


(4) That at any meeting of the committee, the Chairman and any other five members shall constitute a quorum provided that the committee meets as a joint committee at all times.


(5) That such committee shall have leave to meet during any sittings or adjournment of both Houses, to adjourn from place to place, to make visits of inspection within New South Wales and other states of the Commonwealth of Australia, and have power to take evidence and send for persons and papers and to report from time to time.


(6) That should either or both Houses stand adjourned and the committee agree to any report before the Houses resume sitting:

(a) the committee have leave to send any such report, minutes and evidence taken before it to the Clerks of each House;

(b) the documents shall be printed and published and the Clerks shall forthwith take such action as is necessary to give effect to the order of each House; and

(c) the documents shall be laid upon the Table of each House at its next sitting.


(7) The committee be given adequate resources to conduct the inquiry including the resources for such consulting or advisory services as it may determine to be required.


(8) That the committee report to both Houses by Thursday 14 October 1993.