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Committee Details

Select Committee on Salinity

The Committee operated in a previous Parliament. This page provides information on the inquiry it conducted.



(1) A select committee be appointed to inquire and report with the following terms of reference. To examine:

(a) Business opportunities created by salinity that contribute to the improved management of groundwater recharge and discharge areas.

(b) The options for salinity management that are available to local councils, including but not limited to, planning instruments, building codes, urban water management plans, differential rating, development of local council expertise and resource-sharing between councils.

(c) Any barriers to adoption of salinity management strategies by local councils, and means to overcome the barriers.

(d) The adequacy of the Commonwealth’s response and contribution to addressing salinity.


(2) That such committee consist of Ms Allan, Mr Martin, Mr Black, Mr Hickey, Mr Anderson, Mr Windsor, Mr McGrane, Mr Maguire and Mr D.L. Page.


(3) That the committee have power to make visits of inspection within the state of New South Wales and other States and Territories of Australia.