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Committee Details

Standing Committee on Broadband in Rural and Regional Communities

This committee was established to inquire into the needs of rural and regional communities in relation to telecommunications (including broadband) and other technology services.
During the current parliament, no inquiries have been undertaken by the committee.
Referred Inquiry
No inquiries were undertaken by the committee in past parliaments.
Records of earlier inquiries undertaken by the committee appear below:
Referred Inquiry
12/11/2009 Are You Connected?: Telecommunications Availability in Rural and Regional Communities
12/11/2009 Transforming Life Outside Cities: the Potential of Broadband Services
24/03/2009 Committee Progress Report
05/03/2008 Broadband in Rural and Regional Communities: Key Issues for Further Investigation
21/06/2007 Broadband in rural and regional communities
No inquiries have been referred to the committee.